December 30, 2008

Food Allergies and Pregnancy

I am 10wks pregnant with baby #2. My daughter is allergic to milk and eggs and I want to reduce the risk of #2 having the same allergies. Does anyone have any information as to when I should start to elminate these food items from my diet (if at all). I have not had the opportunity to ask my daughter's pediatrician, however, the allergist recommended a milk, egg, and peanut free diet during breastfeeding only. I have a personal friend that eliminated allergy items from her diet in the 3rd trimester.

Any help or information would be much appreciated. Thanks!


rachel vaughn said...

Here's an article on the possibility that eating organic might avoid some possible allergens (not having to do with being pregnant). It basically says that someone with an allergic reaction to soybeans might be reacting to a genetically modified ingredient or maybe to the pesticide used:

i'll have more for you in a little bit. I've read several different things that i'll have to look for now. One of which said avoiding the foods would make the child more likely to be allergic. ugh. who knows.

rachel vaughn said...

this one says eat apples and fish to help avoid asthma and eczema

There are several studies i've read that say eat normally. here's one:
says "Attempts to prevent CM and egg allergy with maternal CM and egg avoidance during the third trimester failed completely to reduce food allergy or any other
atopic disorder or sensitization from birth through 5 years."
The study also said, "Persistent food intolerance to egg was significantly more common in children of the mothers [who avoided eggs after 28 weeks]"

This one says avoiding peanuts may cause more peanut allergies:

But there are also articles that say avoid certain foods.

Maleah said...

I hate that there is no clear cut answer. Thank you for the info Rachel.

Jamie Kaufmann said...

congrats on your pregnancy! and kuddos to you for cutting the allergens. i cut them out for 5 months from when we found out our son had the allergy to when i weaned him. it was hard to avoid milk!

when i was pregnant with son 2, our allergist just told me to eat things in moderation. not too much of the allergens but not to totally cut them out. i was very mindful about it but didn't cut them out.

now son two has some mild allergies (egg, oat, and peanut) possibly but they are mild compared to our first son. he is on first son's diet plus his own avoidances. i am very hopeful he will outgrow them. he's had them..just got hives.

hope that helps you! thanks for following my blog and i'm sorry i'm not a frequent poster lately. i am catching up with all you to get motivated again. :)