December 2, 2008

In Search of Cake

Over the past 6 weeks I have been making vegan (dairy-free, egg-free) birthday cakes trying to find the best one. I was looking for a cake that tasted good, had the right consistency, and would come out of a cake pan easily so that it could be frosted. Let me tell you....I am sick of cake! After all of that work I had settled on two different cakes. One chocolate for the guests and one white vanilla cake for my one-year-old's smash cake. Both had met all of the requirements.

Saturday evening my mom and I worked together to make 3 cakes. Cake 1 was the white vanilla cake. I have no idea what went wrong, however, the cake ran over the edges of the cake pan, all over the stove, and took forever to bake. Once it came out of the oven it look like a gelatinous mess. It was awful! My oven was a mess, smoke filled the kitchen, and it was a pain to clean up. Cake 2 was a chocolate one. We mistakenly used baking powder instead of baking soda. Again the cake was a disaster. Cake 3 was a chocolate cake again and because we made it correctly it came out just fine. By this time it was late and I was exhausted so we went to bed. The next morning, we make cake 4, again chocolate, and of course it turned out fine because we followed the directions. Cake 5 was from a cake mix that was allergy-free...we were tired of making cake at this point and wanted something easy.


Carolyn said...

I came across your blog....if you look up 'Wacky Cake' on the internet you will get a GREAT recipe for a chocolate cake that doesn't use milk or eggs. My brother is protein intolerant and this was what my Mom made all of the time. Try the Egg Free, Milk Free, Wheat Free Cookbook. I think the recipe actually came from there. Good Luck!

Maleah said...

Thank you for the information. I will have to try the Wacky cake sometime.