March 17, 2009

Random Skin Rashes

Monday morning I noticed that my daughter had a faint rash covering her back, sides, and belly. I know that she was not exposed to any new or different foods the previous two days. Plus there was no rash on her face. So, what is the cause? The only thing my husband and I could come up with is that she played outside a lot on Sunday while helping us with yard work. The rash cleared up within a day with one dose of hydrocortisone cream. Any suggestions or comments?


Karen said...

As you said enviromental outdoor allergen, could be a change in laundry detergent, bath or skin products.

The Mrs. said...

Like Karen said, it could be anything! My four year old is allergic to eggs and peanuts but is sensitive to anything. Especially around the spring and fall when seasonal allergies are coming out (I've even noticed it in the past week or two despite the still cold temps up here) he is more likely to just sprout up a little rash here or there. Good luck!