April 9, 2009

Recipe Review-RAVE

I have spent very little time creating my own new and creative egg and dairy-free treats and have been trying all of yours instead. Today, I would like to review 2 recipes from Food Allergy Mama. Her recipes are egg, dairy, and nut free. Please visit her sight as she has a lot of great recipes to share.

Whole Wheat Waffles

I used 1 cup whole wheat flour and 1 cup white flour because I like the texture of things better that way. These waffles freeze well and then I reheat them in the toaster for my daughter. After trying several different toppings, she prefers a thin layer of sunbutter over hers.

Strawberry Bread

I did not have any applesauce and so I just added a little extra water to make the batter moist enough. The bread still rose well and had a good texture. I think that the apple sauce would have made it a bit more moist though and I will make sure to have some on hand for future recipes. I made 4 mini loaves and I will probably freeze one next time even though we had no trouble at all eating all four of them this time.

Thank you Food Allergy Mama for sharing such great recipes!!!

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