May 16, 2009

In Search of Hot Chocolate

With this pregnancy I crave all things chocolate. My indulgence every morning that I work is a cup of Swiss Miss hot cocoa. I never crave this or even think about this on my days off but at work I must have it. So, I need a substitute! I am looking for hot chocolate recipes or mixes that are dairy free. Easier the better as I need to be able to make it quickly before work or make it once at work. Your help would be appreciated!!! Thanks.


Anonymous said...

This is one that definitely has a less processed-hot-chocolate taste (definitely not swiss miss) but it fits your bill, is healthier, and can become quite addictive!

Chocolate Del Diablo

Serve warm. Makes 2 cups.
1 pint of almond milk
4 T cacao powder
2 T raw agave nectar
ΕΊ t cayenne pepper
Pinch nutmeg
Pinch cinnamon

Combine all in a deep pot, zap with immersion blender or whisk to blend. Heat until just boiling over and serve warm.


purplemommy said...

I use Hershey cocoa powder and sugar in soy milk. Heat on the stove. My kids like it. I'm not so much a hot chocolate fan.

Food Allergy Assistant said...

My dairy allergic son is happy with soy milk and Hershey's syrup heated on the stove.

rachel vaughn said...

i can't believe you'd want hot chocolate pregnant in the summer :-)
Just came across this mix while i was researching a little on fair-trade cocoa. probably expensive, but here you go

Maleah said...

Thank you for the suggestions so far. I know it is hot out and who needs hot chocolate while it is hot??? This baby does! LOL

For some reason I do not like soy milk warm. It is okay in coffee/lattes but not with hot chocolate. Not sure why. The recipe with the almond milk looks great but I have to give up nuts too soon.

Eagle Loft said...

Not super fast, as you need to heat it on the stove, but here's my version:

1/2 cup coconut milk
1 cup rice milk
2 Tbsp cocoa powder
1-2 Tbsp agave nectar

Heat milks until almost boiling. Thoroughly whisk cocoa powder into milks. Add agave and simmer 5 minutes.

Hope this satisfies your craving!

Jennifer said...

I can't remember which one, but I know Vosges had a mix that was dairy free and really, really good. My dairy allergic little guy prefers to just have his chocolate soy heated though. Much cheaper, so we haven't bought it recently. Rachel Ray, love her or hate her, picked Vosges as best hot chocolate ever, I remember.

Karen said...

List Dairy free chocolatesWe used Purest (Dairy Free plant)

also Ahlaska dairy free hot chocolate powder