August 20, 2009


Babies should not be fussy. Babies should not arch their backs, stiffen their legs, and cry in pain. For the first three weeks of E's life she was the easiest baby ever. She nursed well, slept well, and was generally content. H's food intolerance problems began on day 3. H was fussy, cried a lot, and had many stomach issues. E had none of these. My husband and I were thrilled.

Well, 2 days ago that all changed. E has a fussy afternoon with a lot of gas. Next day it was a fussy afternoon, evening, and night. Today was just the evening. Leaves me to wonder, "Is is something that I ate?" Once you have had a food allergy baby that idea constantly runs through your mind. So, the question is, what do I do about it? Do I go through the elimination diet again? Cut down my food options to the bare minimum and then gradually add items back in looking for a reaction. Or do I just eliminate a few additional food groups and see if that fixes it?

Currently I am not eating any dairy, eggs, peanut/tree nuts. Not hard to do since that is H's current diet. Today I eliminated soy. Tomorrow it will be wheat. The next day????

Sigh...I hope that my easy baby returns soon.

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Leigha said...

I worried that my second baby had food allergies; I did an at-home test by rubbing a little of the food in question on her skin to see if she broke out in hives. For example, when she was a couple of months old, I rubbed a little bit of ice cream on her back - no reaction. A while later, I rubbed a little bit of (scrambled) egg - same thing. This type of testing gave me an early indication that she probably had no food allergies. I was right. Official skin testing at one year confirmed it.

Just a thought - I'm sorry you have to worry about this too!