February 8, 2010

Red Robin Burgers

I recently tried dining at a new restaurant (at least for us) with food allergies. Red Robin is a nationwide burger chain restaurant and I have been craving a good burger. First I checked their website. Under frequently asked questions they do address food allergies with the following statement.

For a number of core Red Robin menu items offered in all of our restaurants
we are able to provide our Guests with allergen information on a number of
common food allergies. This information provides options for items that you can
order to meet your special dietary needs.To download Wheat/Gluten allergen
information and a list of recommended menu items
click here.To obtain
other allergen-specific menu information, you can send a request to us via our
"Contact Us" option by submitting a "General Inquiry" or
click here.

I e-mailed them to receive the allergen-specific food menu and I found it to be very helpful. They had recommendations for each of the top 8 allergens. I just cross referenced milk and soy and was easily able to find a good burger option to try.

Once at the restaurant the server was able to easily accommodate my requests. My husband and I happened to order the same burger and fries. However, mine did not have the red robin seasoning and, of course, no cheese. When the food was delivered and questioned the server to make sure I had received the right one. She pointed out that my meal was delivered in a yellow basket instead of a red basket. A yellow basket is used for all special request meals for food allergies. I liked that!