September 7, 2010

Final Post

As far as I know my family is now allergy free. H has had peanut butter with no reaction. E has had everything but peanuts/tree nuts. I need to ask my pediatrician when I can introduce these. I am guessing age 2.

Thanks for reading!


rachel vaughn said...

time for another baby :-)
glad there's no more food allergies at your house for now!

rubyruby2 said...

what a wonderful story, and i cannot tell you how lucky you are to be in the 20% that lose their peanut allergy. somebody upstairs is looking out for your family x can i ask ?

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yours in friendship and unity


Maleah said...

Thanks Ruby. We were fortunate not to have a peanut allergy. Only milk and eggs. However, we were peanut free as a precaution.

Libby said...

Big, huge congrats! My son's doctor had him wait until 3 y.o. to try peanuts....and he's allergic, of course. In your case, sounds like just a very sensible precaution. I wish you all the best!