December 29, 2011

Never say final

So I guess that I was wrong when I said that my daughter 'outgrew' her food allergies.  Yes, she was able to drink cow's milk and eat eggs.  But little did I know that our journey was not over.

At age 3 her growth stats showed a sharp decline in the height percentages.  Her weight percentages had always been low.  So we did more blood work, a celiac panel, stool sample, urine sample and it all came back normal.  The GI doc looked at her history of food allergies and recommended that we do an upper GI scope.  That scope showed that she had eosinophilic esophagitis.  

So her poor appetite was all because it actually HURT to eat.  Poor baby!

A year later we are doing great.  She had to have skin prick testing and food allergy patch testing.  Then we started a new elimination diet.  For her it was soy and rye.  Fifteen weeks later the second upper GI scope came back perfectly normal.  The diet changes worked, the inflammation was resolved, and I am happy to report that my daughter actually eats.

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